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Criteria for next election

We have been mandated to set participation criteria for the debates that we are organizing. We are consulting now, and we want your opinion. Provide input to us by email at by March 12, 2021. Learn more below. 

On November 5, 2020, the Government of Canada amended OIC P.C. 2018-1322 to have the Commission set the participation criteria for the leaders’ debates, as detailed in OIC 2020-871.

As a result, the Commission is engaged in a consultation process with stakeholders to determine the participation criteria. The Commission is writing to invite the leaders of all registered and eligible political parties to provide submissions to the Commission on what the participation criteria should be for a leader to be eligible to participate in the leaders’ debates organized by the Commission during the next federal general election.

As part of its process to set the participation criteria, the Commission will consider, inter alia:

We invite you to provide a submission for the Commission’s consideration on the setting of participation criteria for the next federal general election.  Please provide your provide input to us by email to before March 12, 2021.   

Date modified: February 23, 2021