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Meeting – June 3, 2019

Record of discussion

LDC Secretariat

  • The Right Honourable David Johnston, Commissioner
  • Mr. Michel Cormier, Executive Director
  • Mr. Bradley Eddison, Director, Policy and Management Services
  • Ms. Jess Milton, Director, Communications and Outreach
  • Ms. Jill Clark, Senior Communications Advisor
  • Ms. Jaanu Varaprasatham, Office Manager
  • Mr. Stephen Wallace, Senior Advisor

LDC Advisory Board

  • Mr. Jean La Rose
  • Ms. Megan Leslie
  • Dr. Chad Gaffield
  • The Honourable Deborah Grey
  • Mr. Craig Kielburger
  • The Honourable John Manley
  • The Honourable Louise Otis


  1. The agenda was presented by the Commissioner and agreed upon by the Advisory Board


  1. Executive Director Michel Cormier updated the board on the Commission’s activities since the last meeting.
  2. Senior Communications Advisor Jill Clark spoke about the Commission’s appearance in a recent article.
  3. Director of Policy Bradley Eddison recapped the Commissioner and Executive Director’s appearance at the House of Commons and the Senate.


  1. Director of Communications and Outreach Jess Milton presented the updated Outreach Strategy and Outreach Policy.
  2. Advisory Board member Dr. Chad Gaffield assisted the secretariat to create and inform Outreach policy including bias control and documentation.
  3. Outreach collateral will kick off with video of Commissioner Johnston speaking about the importance of debates and why they matter. This video will go out to Tier 1 partners mid-June.
  4. Expanding Tier 3 to include libraries and community centres was discussed. Handling audiences at the events will be discussed at the next meeting.
  5. Venue for the Debates was discussed. The merits of hosting the debates in western Canada was discussed and it was decided that maintaining the current plan of holding the NAC was the best way forward until planning moves ahead with the Debates Producers.

Research and Reporting

  1. Evaluation strategy and draft table of contents for the final report were presented by Bradley Eddison. The lack of academic research on debates makes our research and reporting a great opportunity to further the understanding of impact and evaluation.

Next Steps

  1. The next meeting will take place on June 20th, 2019.
  2. Agenda items will include, but are not limited to, the announcement of the RFP bid winner and the Letter to Party Leaders. A full agenda will be sent in the week before the meeting.
  3. A follow-up teleconference meeting will be scheduled for end of July, dates to be confirmed shortly.

Date modified: July 15, 2019