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Leaders’ Debates Commission

The Leaders’ Debates Commission will make the debates a more predictable, reliable, and stable element of federal election campaigns.

2019 Leaders’ Debates

The proposed dates for the federal leaders’ debates are October 7 (English debate) and October 10 (French debate). The debates will take place in the Ottawa/Gatineau area.

The debates producer is the Canadian Debate Production Partnership (CDPP). The CDPP will promote, produce and distribute the French and English leaders’ debates. The debates will be:

  • Free to access and distribute: Anyone can broadcast it, for free. Anyone can stream it, for free. Anyone can host a live viewing party, for free
  • Widely distributed on television, radio, digital and social streaming platforms to ensure access to a broad cross-section of Canadians across the country, on the platform of their choice
  • Available in ASL, LSQ, closed captioning and described video
  • Available in English, French, some Indigenous languages and non-official languages
  • Produced by a large partnership with strong values of public service journalism, integrity and production quality

Date modified: August 9, 2019